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I’m Alexandra, and I’m the writer and photographer behind this blog, and I live in bustling Bangkok, Thailand.

Do you also want to stay healthy and fit while eating delicious food?

I work full-time, travel frequently, enjoy a robust social life, and thus, have little to no time for cooking and meal prep.

However, I do enjoy good plant-based food and want to stay healthy and fit without the need to compromise on the taste of my every-day meals or feeling hungry.

Increasing wholesome plant-based proteins, such as beans, tofu, tempeh or lentils, in my everyday meals does the trick for me.

It is not easy to find high protein plant-based recipes and meal plans, is it?

I struggle to find ready meal plans and recipes that are both plant-based, be that vegan or vegetarian, and high-protein, and – most importantly – are gathered in a single easy-to-navigate website.

I got you! Search no more!

I figured that I am not the only one having troubles with finding high protein plant based recipes. In fact, if you are reading this, you know my pain.

I created this website to make my meal prep easier and to help you get healthy, feel good and stay fit no matter how busy you are by providing you with quick, easy, plant-based, high-protein recipes and meal plans that you can prepare at home ahead of the week.

Well-planned meals mean less waste, less hassle, and more time to spend with the ones you care about.

So you spend your life meal planning and want me to do the same

Meal planning is a way to learn about every-day nutrition. It is to stop dieting and instead embrace foods that you like in a healthy and balanced way.

By understanding what you enjoy eating, what keeps you full and how much food you need, you gradually progress into practising mindful and intuitive eating.

Meal planning as a way to intuitive eating

It is difficult to follow your intuition when you are starving. Planning what to eat can help you avoid feeling hungry and binge eating. If it works 80% of the time, call it a success.

If you do not manage to stick to your meal plan 100%, that is fine. Move on.

Life happens to all of us. And sometimes we just eat what is available.

If you are craving chocolate, have a piece every now and then.

What is the end goal of all of this

After following my meal plans, you should gradually be comfortable with planning your meals for the week to come. You will be able to do so using the recipes from the website.

Maybe you decide not to do it. That is also totally fine if this is what works for you. I do not always plan ahead of the week but because I did so in the past, I know roughly what recipe to cook to make me feel happy and satisfied.

I hope that as you progress into practising intuitive eating, you will make use of the recipes on a daily basis to fill in your day with nutritious food.

Who is this blog for

This blog is for people who want to stay healthy and fit, and who gradually want to transition into practicing mindful and intuitive eating.

It is also for athletes who are looking for meals with high protein content. If you need to increase your caloric or protein intake, you can simply consume a one and a half portion of any recipe.

If you are not an athlete and just want to lose weight, this blog is also for you. Because high-protein meals help you control appetite and cravings, losing weight on a healthy and well-balanced high-protein diet is enjoyable.

Lastly, this blog is for my parents and my friends who are struggling to make sense of all data and information about nutrition that is out there.

CHECK OUT MY RECIPES AND MEALS PLANS and enjoy this website!

Head to the Course Menu to find ideas for:

  • high-protein vegan lunch & high-protein vegetarian lunch
  • high-protein vegan breakfast & high-protein vegetarian breakfast
  • high-protein vegan dinner & high-protein vegetarian dinner
  • high-protein vegan snacks & high-protein vegetarian snacks
  • high-protein vegan smoothies & high-protein vegetarian smoothies
  • high-protein vegan condiments & high-protein vegetarian condiments

Head to the Ingredients Menu to find ideas for high-protein vegan meals & high-protein vegetarian meals filtered by your favourite ingredients:

  • high-protein vegan noodles & high-protein vegetarian noodles
  • high-protein vegan potato recipes & high-protein vegetarian potato recipes
  • high-protein vegan pasta & high-protein vegetarian pasta
  • high-protein vegan rice recipes & high-protein vegetarian rice recipes
  • high-protein vegan tofu recipes & high-protein vegetarian tofu recipes
  • high-protein vegan lentil recipes & high-protein vegetarian lentil recipes
  • high-protein vegan chickpea recipes & high-protein vegetarian chickpea recipes
  • high-protein vegan seitan recipes & high-protein vegetarian seitan recipes

Head to the Protein Content Menu to find ideas for high-protein vegan meals & high-protein vegetarian meals filtered by their protein content.

And lastly, head to the Meal Plans Menu for my weekly plans created from recipes developed by both, myself and other bloggers.

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