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Saturday Food Stroll in Amman: fancy

Saturday morning. You woke up late, had your coffee and are wondering what to do next? Need to get your shopping for a week ahead? Get dressed and hit the road. Amman is waiting with all its hidden gems!

The list below is a fancy shopping trail. In our next post, we will take you on tour through some budget places.

10:00 a.m. Head to Abdoun to get freshly baked bread at Foron Rex. It’s not the cheapest bakery in town, but they have a great selection of bread starting from ciabatta with sun-dried tomatoes to sourdough bread and nice French baguettes. Hurry up and get there in the morning. They run out of bread pretty fast! You will have to spend around 2-4 JDs.

© Foron Rex

11:00 a.m. Grab a cab to Nour al-Barakah farmer’s market to get your groceries. Every Saturday, the bazaar hosts different business starting from organic farmers (Mujeb Organic Farm, Yanboot), hydroponic veggies project (Khodra), the makers of home-made peanut butter, zaatar, labneh, honey, olive oil, food stands selling local pastries (including ladies from Ajloun who bake manaqish with zaatar on the side. You can also try cha’achir, a north Jordanian dough cooked in jameed (mansaf) sauce).

Nour al-Barakah is all about organic and local food. It’s a good place to get your veggies.


12:30 p.m. Discover Mistaka, an artisanal Jordanian cheese workshop in Abdoun. It’s not easy to find it, but it’s totally worth it! The owner spent last four years learning about the art of cheesemaking around the world. She has perfected the craft of making international-type of cheese with local milk. Pecorino, fresh ricotta, brie? Pick what you want. You can taste all of them before buying! Visit once and you’ll be back! 22JD/kg for hard-types of cheese and 24JD/kg for soft ones.
Ask also for fresh pasta, one of the ladies in the Mistaka cooperatives specialises in this.

© Mistaka

If you’re lucky, you will also meet Zahira from Ishq who will explain you the secrets of her artisanal chocolates: white with saffron, dark with chilli or milk with zaatar? Yes, you’re in heaven.


© Ishq

At this stage, you’re probably slowly falling into a food coma. Just go home and rest. See you next Saturday!


Thanks @Ishq @Mistaka @Nour al-Barakah and @ForonRex for having us!

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