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Interview with Atrameez, an up-and-coming Jordanian vegan start-up

Have you tried the outstanding vegan labneh from Atrameez? We ordered a batch last Wednesday and it took us only two days to finish the whole jar. This almond labneh is so moreish that you will find yourself going back to the fridge for some more again and again. Not to mention their cashew butter, which just melts in your mouth and kicks the taste buds with a strong, rich after-flavour. The products are prepared at home by Fida Abo Alrob, a 29-year old entrepreneur and a mother of a 3-year old son, „the little fighter” as she calls him.

What does Atrameez mean?

Atrameez means a jar in Jordanian dialect. We picked this name because most of our products are home-made, cosy and of course come in jars.

When did you start Atrameez? Why?

Personally, I’m addicted to peanut butter. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (laugh). However, the peanut butter that you buy at the store is full of sugar and other additives. One day my friends asked me: why don’t you start your own business? And I thought: why not. I was always passionate about cooking and developing new recipes. The idea seemed like a fun one: especially that I’d get to experiment with my flavours and recipes. At the time, my family was also facing some financial difficulties. Owning a business felt like a right thing to do. So it happened: I opened Atrameez in 2016.

Who are your products for?

While developing my products, I have in mind Jordanian families: just like my own one. It’s hard to find tasty, healthy food free of artificial ingredients, sugar, hydrogenated oils and at a reasonable price! I wanted more people to have access to quality food. Now, this project became my baby that I want to see growing. In fact, we occasionally sell our products in the local markets. People love them. We receive many requests from customers who follow restrictive diets or suffer from food allergies.

What types of products do you have? Are they all vegan?

Atrameez offers a variety of nut butter, healthy sweets, cheese, yoghurt and labneh. All of them are vegan-friendly. Our products have passed all the required performance and quality assurance tests. Soon, we want to introduce plant-based milk to our offer!

What challenges are you facing?

We’ve started as a small home-based business. Despite the positive feedback that we received from the customers, the lack of financial resources prevents us from growing and keeping up with the increasing demand. The equipment we’re currently using has a very low production capacity and is highly prone to damage. Recently, we’ve got in touch with a local community that helps women to establish their businesses. In fact, we applied for a grant. If things go well, we’ll be able to expand our production, hire local women, display our products in stores, and reach more people.

Where can I buy Atrameez products?

For now, we sell online only, but hopefully, you’ll find us in stores very soon. You can visit our facebook page to keep track of where to find us. Social media remains the primary communication channel between the customers and us. Just message us on Facebook and we will make sure that a fresh batch of our products is delivered to your door. Ah yes, have I mentioned? We deliver!

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