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Really glad to see you here.

The project was born in 2017 in Iraq out of a Polish-Irish couple. Two countries later and it is still going! Our work requires us to move countries every few years and travel regularly within the regions where we reside at the time. Since 2019, we have been cooking from Bangkok.

Travel requires packing. Packing is painful.

We first decided to write this blog to record recipes we learnt during the time we spent abroad. This way, we could avoid carrying cookbooks and notebooks filled with scattered notes from here and there. In this sense, the Cuisine Collective is a digital memoir of all the cooking classes we took over the past years and recipes we learnt from family and friends.

As we grow old, we find ourselves going back to our roots: Polish and Irish cooking.

The excitement of tasting new flavours will never wear off. However, nothing makes for a more vivid memory than a favourite dish cooked by your mother or grandmother when you were five.

We cook vegan or vegetarian. Our recipes include eggs and honey. You will also find here ideas for high-protein plant-based dishes.

With this, we invite you to try our recipes: a healthy fusion of excitement for new culinary adventures and nostalgia for the past combined.

With warm regards,

The Cuisine Collective

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