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5 services in Amman to do your shopping without moving your arse

Selecting products that you like in the shop is often very rewarding. You get to pick the juiciest tomato or the ripest banana, and you are a part of the local community. However, we all have these days when life gets super busy, and shopping becomes more of a burden than fun. Some other day, you want to throw a big party and the ”to get list” seems endless. Carrying your shopping back home is a struggle and the moment you’re done, you feel worn out for the rest of the day. Luckily, Jordan has some well-developed services that will deliver food to your door. I’m not encouraging you to be lazy or become disconnected from your local sellers! I believe that it’s important to stay in touch with your suppliers and be a part of the community. What I’m saying though is that when your life gets hectic, and you have to choose between taking a break or running to the shop, there is a network of services that can bring some relief in the daily chores. Below, I’m sharing five services that myself and Mike use regularly.

As the local rumours say, Yanboot was established by a group of friends who graduated from a permaculture course a few years ago. The company, located in Dabouq, Amman was your ”to go” place for fresh organic vegetables. However, with is home delivery service, Yanboot is taking a new direction in its business model. Right now, the company coordinates home delivery for multiple small businesses. Their joint offer comprises of tea mixes designed by Turtle Green Cafe, KIPS natural kale chips, a variety of fresh and dry hand-made pasta by Maysa, dairy products from Fadi’s farm, bread from Foron Rex bakery, natural cosmetics by Futna Natural, local preserves and delicacies from Botma Farms, eco-friendly home cleaning products and pesticide-free meat from Al-Azzah family. Yanboot itself is expanding its offer by adding to it healthy cakes, sourdough pita bread and other delicacies such as olive tapenade.
The products offered by the businesses participating in the Yanboot’s platform are more pricey than your usual groceries, but the quality of them is usually much higher. What is most important is that Yanboot works with small businesses that otherwise would find it very difficult if nearly impossible to market their products to a bigger audience. Thus, by buying from Yanboot, you are supporting local Jordanian producers that are concerned with the environmental and social impact of their products. Your money is helping them developed more products and eventually, sell them at more affordable prices.

How does it work?
Once your number is added to the weekly broadcast, you will receive Yanboot’s seasonal offer via Whatsapp. If you wish to order, you text Yanboot. If the order is placed before noon, you will get it the same day between 3 to 5 p.m. If later than this, the order will be delivered the next day. For the orders below 15 JOD, there is an additional delivery fee of 3 JOD. Whatsapp Yanboot at +962 77567 53 46 to be added to the weekly broadcast.

Check Yanboot’s offer for the 31st October!

Is a home delivery service that cooperates with Cozmo, Habiba, Prime, Select Food Shop, T-Bone and Cheese, Crumz and Yaser Mall. I love it for it gives you an opportunity to cut on time that you spend shopping. The selection of shops that you can order from depends on where you live. We’re located in Weibdeh, so we get to choose from Cozmo, Habiba, Prime, Select Food Shoppe, T-Bone and Cheese, and Yaser Mall. Personally, I often order from Yaser Mall as it is very affordable and has a vast selection of products. I use for big weekly/monthly shopping that includes dry goods, cleaning products, and my plant-based supplies: nutritional yeasts from Cozmo, plant milk and other things that are not so readily available in your everyday grocery store. All the supermarkets also offer fresh vegetables and fruits.

How does it work?
You can sign up either on the website or by downloading their mobile app. I personally use the app. In Weibdeh, the delivery cost is 6 JOD. Also, you can select the time that you would like your food to be delivered. It usually takes between 1 to 3 hours after the order is placed. also allows you to pay with your credit card, which is a huge advantage.


Atrameez is a business that produces healthy, vegan products including almond labneh, a variety of nut butter, vegan cheese and so on. Recently, Atrameez has also started making vegan cakes! I have previously written about it here

How does it work?
Message Atrameez on facebook to place your order. It usually takes from 1 to 2 days to get it delivered as all the products are made per individual requests. This means that your food is always fresh! The delivery costs 3 JOD.

Maysa’s pasta

Maysa’s pasta specialises in fresh-made pasta that can be delivered to your door. Their offer is also available through the Yanboot’s platform (Fresh pasta every Thursday). Maysa offers different flavours such as beetroot, spinach, pumpkin, sage and many many more. You can also place your special orders. They arrive in nicely packed boxes, often with a hand-written tip on how to best prepare the pasta. Personally, I admire the aesthetic of the packaging. However, I’d much more prefer something more environmentally friendly. Every time I treat myself with this delicious pasta, I’m left with a thick plastic box. Maybe returning the package back to the producer so that it can be reused could be an idea?

How does it work?
Message Maysa on facebook to place your order. For the order below 20 JOD, you have to pay an additional 3 JOD for the delivery. If you want to order a big batch, Maysa can prepare some pasta that can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Your local grocery guy
Jordan is full of small grocery shops. Surprisingly, some of them deliver home! Check with your local seller whether he offers this service. In Weibdeh, we use a local grocery located on the Kuliya’t Shariy’a street (Location). The store owned by three brothers offers a wide array of vegetables and fruits sourced from the wholesale market. They don’t have a website and don’t disseminate their offer. However, they are well stocked and usually have the most popular seasonal vegetables and fruits.

How does it work?
To order (only in Weibdeh), WhatsApp the brothers at +962 78 614 14 23. Groceries are delivered usually within an hour or two. There are no delivery fees in Weibdeh.

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